Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fire and ice


I bought Wildefire last July, and it has been sitting on my 'to read' bookcase (yes I have a bookcase of books yet to read)  Admittedly what drew me to the book was the gorgeous cover it is so different to what is gracing most YA fiction covers these days, Add to that the cool author name, Karsten Knight (c'mon that's a romantic hero name right there) and the fact that the author is pretty cute (see pic) I was already handing over the cash to buy it before I even read the blurb that the story is about a girl who discovers she is the reincarnated volcano goddess Pele. The first chapter is AMAZING! it breaks away from the stereotypes and cliches that run riot through YA fiction. The main character Ashline Wilde, is a seriously kick ass chick with a rebellious weather goddess for a sister. To say their relationship is dysfunctional is an understatement. By the explosive end of chapter one I was ready to devour the rest of this 393 page book. Unfortunately the rest of the book gave me heartburn (pun intended) I have no idea what happened it felt to me like Karsten had a four book series in mind and created a mashup of all his favourite bits. There are plot lines that are pointless, and story arcs that are just unnecessary, and the final chapter is one of those quickly tie up loose ends in a paragraph chapters.
The main body of the story centres around a group of reincarnated mortal gods who are brought together by a Siren. This is where the story ventures into the realm of the Power Rangers and not in a good way.
Add to that Ash's psychotic sister who throughout the book ends up having more comebacks than the Backstreet Boys, to the point where she is no longer important and just annoying. The multicultural characters began life as a breath of fresh air, but as the story went on their inclusion almost felt like the writer was trying too hard to break the YA mold, the same issue occurs with the fact that nearly everybody played sports, was pretty much banging me over the head with 'look how different I am to other YA novels'
As with all YA there is a romance storyline that runs through the novel but the romance is so sidelined, and so lacklustre that considering the big reveal at the end of the novel which pivots on the relationship between Ash and the hunky Colt you kind of finish reading going 'Oh well'.
There were also a few mistakes with the use of language such as 'Pleased as a peach' no such saying! and also 'Without further adieu' it's ado, adieu means goodbye, no one has ever furthered goodbye!!! One last thing that irritated me was that Ash is a volcano goddess creator of mountains and islands, and destroyer of cities. Her fire and heat brings life and death, and all Ash can do is boil water. BOILWATER!!!!.
Now you are probably thinking 'damn your tough on this author' but honestly the only reason I am is because Karsten is actually an excellent writer, his descriptive abilities are wonderful, and the way he builds a scene is brilliant.   His characters are fantastic, and their powers are awesome but because so much was going on they werent developed enough.
I'm not saying don't read this book, and I am not saying I wouldn't read the sequel if/when it is published, just dont expect it to be all that it could be.


 I cannot wait for this movie to be released it looks awesome.
  If you hadn't guessed by the title it is a retelling of the classic Snow White story, but with Snow White donning armour and kicking ass.  Not only does this movie feed my fetish for fairy tales but it also satiates my Chris Hemsworth craving not mention the phenomenal casting of Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen HELLO!!! Judging from these posters the movie is going to be lush with stunning costumes, gorgeous sets, and a seriously beautiful cast, which also includes Sam Claflin (last seen in Pirates of the Caribbean:on stranger tides) he plays Prince William *Ahem*
The film is released 1st June 2012
Speaking of Charlize Theron another movie that she is staring in is Young Adult.
The film is about Mavis Gary who was the hated popular girl in school. Many years later she is now a successful writer of Young Adult fiction who Soon after her divorce, returns to her home in small-town Minnesota, looking to rekindle a romance with her ex-boyfriend, who is now happily married and has a newborn daughter. The film was written by Diablo Cody, I know, I know what your thinking she's still writing after the clunker that was  
Jennifers Body, well yes she is, and judging by the reviews she has managed to channel the spirits that helped her write Juno and come up with another dark comedy gem.
Ive tried my best to track down the T-shirt she wears in the film and on the poster, but with no joy, but here is a link to the Hello Kitty site where at the moment if you spend $45 you get a Hello Kitty Kimono plush.
The film Young Adult is released 3rd of February.
Until next time heres wishing you unpleasent screams.

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